Strand Membership

Strand Membership give you access to a specific Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG), and these CLGs will use the received Membership fees to invest in Strand Asset Management Ltd through their Strand Buy to Let Bond. All of the membership fees will be converted into Strand Buy to Let Bonds.

By paying a fixed one-off Strand Membership joining fee you will become a member of a CLG and entitled to an annual yield from the returns that the CLGs receive from their Strand Buy to Let Bond investment.

The CLGs are incorporated with a SRA regulated solicitor as director. The director will act in the best interest of the CLGs to ensure that all members receive their due yields.

Reasons why the CLGs invest in the Strand Buy to Let Bond


Members may choose a CLG to suit their finances. Membership costs are:

  1. Strand Membership A Ltd - £1,000 Bond Par Value: £950 membership fee;
  2. Strand Membership B Ltd - £2,000 Bond Par Value: £1,900 membership fee;
  3. Strand Membership C Ltd - £5,000 Bond Par Value: £4,750 membership fee;

Members may subscribe for membership of more than one of the CLG companies to vary their level of exposure. Individuals wishing to invest more than £5,000 may subscribe to their own private CLG of whatever value they choose.

The Articles of Association of these CLGs give them a limited life span of two years. This is because membership fees will, by this time, have been fully invested in the Strand Buy to Let Bond. After two years, the CLGs will be wound up and their assets distributed equally among their members.

Strand Membership Request

Please send me the Membership Agreement as I would like to join: (Check One or More as appropriate)

£950 Membership fee

£1,900 Membership fee

£4,750 Membership fee

Private Membership *add value of required Membership





Contact No:


Should you wish your Membership Agreement to be in the name of a corporate entity, please provide full detail on a separate sheet.

Strand Membership requests should be emailed to:

Alternatively please post to: Strand Membership Ltd, Global House, 5a Sandy Road, London, E1 7HW.

Next Steps

Once we have received this request we will then send you a Membership Agreement for signature. Please note that because this is a time-limited membership. Your Membership Agreements, AML documentation and membership fees must be returned within a period of 14 calendar days from the date set out on the Membership Agreement. Electronic copies of the signed Membership Agreement are acceptable and membership fees should be remitted by electronic transfer, where practical (should you wish to send your membership fee in the form of a cheque, please notify our office first).


The above investment arrangements do not constitute a collective investment scheme under the FSMA s. 235 under the schedule to SI 2001/1062. Furthermore the memberships of the CLGs and the bond issue fall outside of the scope of the EU Prospectus Directive. Before investing in the Bond you should make sure you fully understand the risks and you should determine whether the investment is suitable for you. If you are in any doubt about this investment opportunity then you should consult a professional financial adviser. This document does not constitute an offer to you to become a member of a CLG. Any application for CLG membership will be made on the terms and conditions contained in the Membership Agreement.

By ticking this box you confirm your interest in becoming a CLG member. We will reserve your membership and contact you directly.